KoalaBao - Variety Sheet

KoalaBao - Variety Sheet

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This is my small way that I can help with the bush-fires that are taking place in Australia. This will be an ongoing initiative, because even when the fires die out, it will take years for nature to recover. All proceeds will benefit Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Services (WIRES). Stickers are printed on matte white permanent sticker paper. Each sheet measures about 3.5”w by 4.5”h and contains a total of 32 stickers, with the first row a little large than the rows below. These larger stickers are great for filling out half boxes or blocking out a chunk of time.

Read more abut WIRES here: https://www.wires.org.au/about-wires

Please note:

  • Only 1 sheet per order
  • Sheets are 3.5”w by 4.5”h
  • Colors may vary from screen to screen
  • Stickers are cut using a machine and are printed on a matter permanent sticker paper
  • Accessories included in the pictures besides the stickers themselves are not available for sale

Though I try to create everything perfectly, I am human, and mistakes happen. If, for any reason, your stickers arrive damaged, please contact us at alohastickerstation@gmail.com.