Mini Aloha Vibes - Shave Ice
Mini Aloha Vibes - Shave Ice

Mini Aloha Vibes - Shave Ice

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A smaller version of Big Aloha Vibes Vinyls, embody the aloha spirit with the Aloha Vibes vinyl. Each vinyl measures approximately 3”W x 1.3”H and can be used on basically any surface! 

Each vinyl is a permanent vinyl, but they are not indestructible. Normal wear and tear may cause pieces of the vinyl to peel off or rip. 

"Haze" is a semi-opaque finish, meaning that whatever color background you place it on will affect the actual color of the vinyl. 

Please note:

  • “Haze” eludes to the semi-opaque property of the vinyl. It is NOT completely opaque!
  • The red lines you see are from the clear transfer sheet that is applied to the top of each vinyl.
  • Though this is permanent vinyl, the vinyl will tear, rip, and may peel off due to normal wear and tear.
  • When peeling the backing off, finer/smaller details may stick to the backing. If that occurs, you may use a gift card/credit card to rub against the clear transfer film to adhere the smaller pieces on to the clear transfer sheet.  
  • Colors may appear lighter or darker than the actual color due to computer resolutions.

Though I try to create everything perfectly, I am human, and mistakes happen. If, for any reason, your stickers arrive damaged, please contact us at