January 2019 Bullet Journal Flip Through

January 2019 Bullet Journal Flip Through

This is going up relatively late… okay not relatively late, really late, but I finally had some time to flip through my current bullet journal and take pictures so now I can finally share with you all what my bullet journal is looking like so far.

I must preface this with saying that these “cover pages” are not my best work. I wanted to test out this new bullet journal and see how it held up against different mediums. I purchased this particular bullet journal from Hobby Lobby and it’s from the Paper Studio. I loved the cover and the price, so I figured why not give it a shot. The paper is a lot thicker than the Artist Loft brand that I was using last year so I thought it would be able to better handle different mediums. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The paper seems to be thick, but poress, so whenever I use watercolor, the water is quickly absorbed by the paper leaving me very little time to work with the colors. I was hoping to do a galaxy theme for the month, but it ended up looking more like somebody ate too many Fruity Pebbles. Anyhow, let’s jump in.

This month, I wanted to try something a little different. I wanted to have a weekly cover page that kept track of when I wanted certain things published/completed. I found that though my bujo was great for making sure I completed certain tasks, I never really had a “firm deadline” for things to get done. So I would have certain blog posts and YouTube videos ready to go, but not sure when to share them. Or I would have an idea of when I would want something scheduled, but I would lose track of progress, because I would focus on other things. By having this weekly page, I felt like it gave me more direction in regards to my postings which I really enjoyed.

Unfortunately I didn’t complete the Llama Loves Lettering lettering challenge for January. I tried to keep up, but life just got in the way. It got to a point where I was just so far behind that I couldn’t find the time to dedicate to completing the whole thing.

In regards to my daily layouts, you can see that I basically kept the same format - I have boxes sectioned out for home, social, and reflection. This setup has been helping me remain on track to complete my tasks and I love how I still have space to reflect upon my day. I have been trying to incorporate more pictures and stickers into my spreads as well. When I look back, I want to find these little pockets of joy and happiness throughout my bujo. I also incorporated these cute cardstock packs into my spreads. I picked them up from Michaels - they were hidden away next to the other loose cardstock. FYI these are great if you like to do dashboards!

On Instagram, I noticed a lot of people creating spreads for movies, albums, TV Shows, etc. and I thought that that was a really cool concept! So I tried it out this month with: Soul Eater, My Hero Academia, Batman: Bad Blood and The Titan Games. I enjoyed spewing out my thoughts/opinions of the movie/shows without having to hear any feedback. I also like that I can look back and re-read my thoughts/opinions on the movie/shows.

I also ended up switching my Monthly Review section. Towards the end of January, I began to work on my January Favorites post for my other blog, and I thought it’d be fun to incorporate that into here and I can look back to see if there’s a certain product that constantly reappears in my favorites. I made sure to keep room for my monthly reflection. I love re-reading these and reliving that mindset. It’s also fun to see how far I’ve come.

That’s it for January! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I want to see what your January bujo looked like! Be sure to tag me on Instagram @alohaplannerstation.



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