Aloha Planner Station

Aloha Planner Station

Hello and welcome! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my little shop. My goal is to provide you with an easy way to find supplies for your budding creativity needs. I'm starting out small, with offering just washi tape, but I'm hoping to grow and become your one stop, planner shop. 

There are two main reasons why I wanted to start my own shop:

1. I wanted to hopefully provide my sister, with special needs, a safe place to work. She has Down Syndrome and I have this fear that she will be taken advantage of in a workplace. I understand that it's a silly fear to have, but I feel like it's a legitimate one, especially because she's not able to really communicate with us things that may happen. I would hope that this could grow into something that would be able to support multiple special needs young-adults. From my sister, I have learned that the best thing for them is for them to have a purpose. 

2. I wanted to make it easy for anyone and everyone to tap into their creative side without having to spend enormous amounts of money. Personally, crafting is therapeutic for me and has helped me a lot in regards to dealing with certain issues. I want everyone to be able to experience that without feeling like they have to pay a ton of money to start up the hobby. 

There's so much that I want to do with this little shop and so many plans, but I must take baby steps. I hope that you will follow me on this journey and I hope you will share with me your creations!

Please feel free to follow us on Instagram @alohaplannerstation. 



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