Welcome to JT's Reading Corner

Welcome to JT's Reading Corner

Reading has never felt like a chore for me and I've always enjoyed getting lost in any story. As I got older, I found that I had less and less time to immerse myself in far away lands and wild romances. It wasn't till I received encouragement from a friend, did I finally get back into reading. 

Here I share my thoughts as I read through different books and series' and my hope is to not only track what books I have read, but to also encourage anyone out there who feels like they don't have time, that there's always time to pick up a book and set off to a new adventure. I work a full time job, in addition to running this website, an Etsy shop, creating new products, taking care of the house, cooking, spending time with my husband/family, and being a dog-mom. In between all those titles/responsibilities, I found that setting aside time to just get lost in a book has helped ease my mind. 

Reading has provided me a way to take the stress of the day and put it on the back burner. Instead of going to bed worried about what tomorrow holds, worried about whether or not I completed everything that needed to get done, I go to bed excited to see what happens next in my book. 

I will admit that not everything I read will be engaging and full of rich story-telling. My mind needs a break in between longer books and I do enjoy reading "spicy" stories as well, which I will share here to. Balance is everything, right? I hope you will enjoy me on this journey - the next few blogs will be a mix of full book reviews, in addition to what I'd call "reflection trackers," where I will share my thoughts as I work my way through a book. I will also post a monthly TBR and I'd love to get your thoughts on which books I need to move up on my list and which books I can pass on. 

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